Frequently Asked Questions

~What does Frames of Love provide the family? Each family will receive a printable CD of images or a flash drive with a copyright release, which allows them to have the photographs printed by a photo lab. Please let us know if you need a few images quickly by email for a memorial service or funeral.

~Who is eligible for the services? Special families with children ages 0-18 ( Including any gestational age infant) who:  

- Have a terminal diagnosis or are in hospice care

- Are oncology patients

- Have just passed away 

~How does the program work? At your request, one of our photographers will come to your location or, when possible, you may come to our studios, for a photo session done with utmost sensitivity to your situation.

~When should I contact Frames of Love? Please contact us as soon as possible. All volunteers either own their own photography studio business or have full time jobs and families. With this in mind, for most cases, expect that it could take up to one hour before a photographer is able to be at the hospital. Advance notice, when possible, is greatly appreciated (i.e. baby not born yet, scheduled removal of life support, scheduled c-section, etc). But if advance notice isn't possible, that's okay too!

~How much will the photography services cost? Our services are free because our photographers have graciously volunteered their time and talents and want to be a blessing to you.

~How do we contact you? You may contact us 24/7. We make every effort to be available for you in your time of need.

Our contact info:

Carol McKinney - 806-654-6191 Shannon DeFord - 806-236-2399

Frames of Love mailing address:

5715 Mary Dell Dr. Amarillo, TX 79109

Email: framesoflove2012@yahoo.com

TIPS FOR FAMILIES: ~ Before the Hospital Please contact us as soon as you know you need our services. If you have a fatal diagnosis weeks or months before the due date of your baby/child, you can still contact a photographer, so you can have one lined up.

~Bring your own camera to the hospital and take photographs ( If subject is a baby). Sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks for the professional images to be delivered. You may want some of your own before then.

~You may want to bring special keepsakes for your baby/child to help us get several different poses. Be sure and consider what size your baby will be when he/she is born. You may need to purchase preemie or special clothing.

~ Delivery of the Images Once you receive the images, make several copies. You want to assure that if something happened to the original copy that you have back ups.


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