I willingly accept the position of volunteer photographer with Frames of Love. 
I agree to maintain a working phone number and keep volume up at all times in anticipation of a FOL call.
I agree to be available to provide my services within one hour or less of receiving a call out from a hospital, hospice or individual. 
I agree to notify Carol or Shannon a minimum of 48 hours before any planned conflicts that I may have that would prevent me from going on a call, with the exception of an emergency.   
I agree to never take any personal payment or gifts from any FOL clients in return for my services with FOL.  Any money or gifts offered by a FOL family are given only as donations to FOL. 
I agree that if I am personally contacted about a FOL session, I will request permission from Carol or Shannon. 
I agree to promptly edit any images I take on a FOL session and post on Pixieset.  I will have them ready for delivery within 14 days following a FOL session.  
Carol and Shannon reserve the right to edit any images submitted for delivery.  Please use Black & White or clean edits only. ( NO selective coloring, sepia tones, etc.)
I agree not to share any client images I have taken for FOL with anyone or on social media.  
I agree to be respectful and sensitive to any cultural or religious beliefs of FOL clients. 
I agree to seek a nurse's assistance in handling or positioning a baby/child as needed. 
I agree to honor and fully uphold all patient confidentiality for FOL clients and will not discuss details of any FOL session with anyone other than Carol, Shannon or the healthcare worker.
I acknowledge that I am bound by the laws of HIPAA.
I agree that if I ever have a problem or issue with anything involving FOL, I will discuss it with Carol &/or Shannon and no one else, including other FOL members, past or present.  I will not speak negatively of FOL to anyone at anytime.   Doing so may result in my immediate dismissal as a volunteer with FOL. 
I agree that I will always treat FOL clients, families and all healthcare workers with love, compassion & respect, no matter their treatment or attitude toward me. 
I understand my job is to express God's love to them, unconditionally.  I agree to pray with the family or express to them that they are in our prayers. We do prefer you pray with them personally if they are open. 
I agree that I will uphold moral and Godly behavior as a FOL volunteer and in my personal life, as a representative of Christ and FOL. 
I agree that should I fail to adhere to any of the guidelines established in this contract my position as a volunteer for FOL could be terminated. 
Dress Code
I agree that I will follow the dress code requirements as follows and at all times will present myself in a well groomed and professionally dressed manner for all FOL sessions. 

Solid color scrub pants
FOL printed shirts
Tennis shoes & socks
If your hair is long enough to pull up or back, please do so. 

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